Concurrent Technologies is an internationally known manufacturer of single board computer products, primarily for the VME, VXS, VPX, CompactPCI, AMC and MicroTCA architectures.

Our products are designed and developed totally in-house, and use leading-edge microprocessors and peripheral components. We sell into many different markets around the world, but in particular we have a number of high-performance processor and other boards used in telecommunications and aerospace applications.

Further products provide solutions for a variety of other data processing and industrial I/O requirements.

Further expansion of the product range means that the company requires additional:

UK location (Colchester, Essex):  UK location (Theale, Berkshire):                     
    Thermal Engineer     Thermal Engineer
    Embedded Software Engineer - Middleware
    Embedded Software Engineer - BSP
    Mechanical Engineer
    Hardware Engineers

USA location:

    Senior Thermal Engineer
    Senior Embedded Software Engineer    
    Embedded Software Engineer

India location:

    BIOS Engineer

    Software Design Engineer

    Business Development Manager