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2nd generation Intel® Core i7 Processor Board Product Index

Datasheet CPU type /
Last Level Cache SDRAM SATA USB
LAN Other Software

TP 865/392

0C to +55C

Quad-core Intel
Core i7-2715QE
2.1 GHz
6 Mbytes shared up to 8 Gbytes DDR3-1333 SDRAM 2 channels accessed via J2

1 channel used for SATA drive on optional second slot boards
4 Up to 3 x Gigabit Ethernet Analog and digital interfaces Linux, Windows 7,
Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows XP,
Windows XP Embedded,
Windows Server 2008,
QNX and VxWorks

TP 863/392-N, -E

0C to +55C (N)
-25C to +70C (E)

Dual-core Intel
Core i7-2655LE
2.2 GHz
4 Mbytes shared

TP 863/391-N, -E, -K

0C to +55C (N)
-25C to +70C (E)
-40C to +85C (K)

Dual-core Intel
Core i7-2610UE
1.5 GHz