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VME continues to be a well supported and widely installed bus architecture in many industries and market segments. One solution to satisfy the continuing need for more bandwidth within VMEbus environments is the introduction of new switched serial fabric technology. ANSI/ VITA 41, VMEbus Switched Serial or VXS, is an ANSI standard that combines parallel VMEbus with enhancements to support switched serial fabrics over a high speed P0 connector. Backward compatibility is maintained with existing backplanes that do not have a conflicting P0 scheme.

Concurrent Technologies offers a choice of VME processor boards which optionally support a VXS interface using either PCI Express® or Gigabit Ethernet fabric. These high performance processor boards are complemented by a choice of Switch Fabric boards, Ethernet switch, PMC carrier, and mass storage modules.


Featured Products

VP F1x/msd

6U VME board with XMC/PMC sites and dual PMC expansion

VR E1x/msd

VP E2x/msd

6U VME Intel Atom board with single or dual XMC/PMC expansion sites

VR E1x/msd

VP B1x/msd

6U VME Intel Core board with single or dual XMC/PMC expansion sites

AM C1x/msd