Transition Modules Product Index

Transition Module Primary Board Other Compatible Boards
AD TR1/x10 TR C4xmsd -
AD TR1/x09
TR E5x/msd -
AD TR1/x08 TR D2x/msd -
AD TR1/x07 TR B1x/msd -
AD TR1/x06 TR 90x/x1x TR E5x/msd
TR B1x/msd
TR D2x/msd
AD TR1/x05 TR XMC/m11 TR XMC/x01
TR MS1/x21
AD TR1/x04 TR 501/36x

End of Life

TR E5x/msd
TR B1x/msd
TR 90x/x1x
TR 80x/x9x
TR XMC/m11
TR XMC/x01

Note, for more information on these please contact your local sales office to obtain the relevant Technical Reference Manual