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CB 60D/125-00 - 60-way High Density to DVI-I, DVI-D, USB1, USB 2 and RS232, splitter cable

The CB 60D/125-00 Concurrent Technologies five-way splitter cable provides a high quality screened interconnectivity solution for a range of single board computers. This cable allows interconnectivity between the onboard 60-way LFH high density connector and DVI-I, DVI-D, serial and two USB connectors.


  • The five-way splitter I/O connectors consist of:
    • 60-way LFH HD Male I/O
    • VGA (29-way Female DVI-I)
    • VGA (24-way Female DVI-D)
    • Serial (9-way Male D-Type)
    • 1st USB (4-way type-A socket)
    • 2nd USB (4-way type-A socket)
    • Length = 300mm (approx)
  • Supports N, E, and K-Series extended operation temperatures, where:
    • N-Series: 0C to +55C
    • E-Series: -25C to +70C
    • K-Series: -40C to +85C
  • The cable is designed to meet the EMC requirements for:
    • Radiated Emissions (EN55022)
    • Radiated Immunity (EN61000-4-3)