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Fast Boot Software

Fast Boot is an alternative boot loader firmware image that can be programmed directly into a range of Concurrent Technologies single board computers (SBCs) supporting Intel® processors. Fast Boot can satisfy the more demanding boot time requirement of certain types of embedded systems and can take the board from power-on through to starting the operating system boot in approximately 3 seconds. The Concurrent Technologies Fast Boot Software Package enables the development of a customizable, optimized fast boot loader. The package has been designed to produce a self-contained firmware image that can be programmed as an alternative to the general purpose UEFI BIOS normally supplied with the SBC.


  • Fast Boot Time, approximately 3 seconds
  • Boot direct to and load a Linux kernel from onboard ROM
  • Flexible boot loader payload options:
    • SeaBIOS
    • GRUB2
    • FILO
    • iPXE
    • Custom ELF32 format module

The Fast Boot Software Package includes:

  • Prebuilt minimal Linux kernel image using the Yocto Project suitable for programming into the SBC's SPI ROM
  • Prebuilt SeaBIOS and iPXE payloads
  • Programming tools for updating or replacing the boot loader payload
  • Configuration tools and examples