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Board Level Security Package

The primary line of defense against unauthorized access to equipment handling sensitive data is always the physical security of the chassis. However, this alone cannot prevent tampering or interference to the hardware if the equipment falls into hostile hands. In these circumstances additional measures are required to prevent or frustrate attempts to gain access to sensitive data on a secure system. The Concurrent Technologies Board Level Security Package provides a means to enhance the security of equipment and thus prevent access to sensitive data and key Intellectual Property. The security package is available for a range of processor boards as a factory fitted option. Please contact Concurrent Technologies for more details.


  • Counter measures to prevent against:
    • physical intrusion
    • boot ing from non-se cure sources
    • accessing classified data
    • retrieving sensitive Intellectual Property
    • modifying non-volatile memory
    • executing non-trusted software
    • unauthorized modification of system configuration
    • by passing low level firmware
    • reverse engineering